Kicks from the boot #37 - They came from planet fuzz!

 If you've always thought They were just a figment of
the imagination... well, they're back to piss on your face.
Just don't let them control your mind 'cause..
They came from planet fuzz!

The Ghastly Ones - Attack of robot atomic's - My boyfriend from outer space     

        (Trailer: “Astro Zombies”)
Blackbirds – Space
The Mutants - Alien skies
Bradipos IV – Prisoner in orbit
The Chantays – Space probe

         (Spot from: Dimension X radio show)
Legendary Stardust Cowboy -I Took A Trip (On A Space Shuttle)
Sonny Day – Creature from outer space
Sonny Russell – 50 Megatons
The Cramps – Weekend on Mars

          (Trailer: “Humanoids from the deep”)
King Khan & the Shrines – Cosmic serenade
Sky Saxon & the Seeds – Violet ray
Fungi Girls – Marv alien
The Astronettes – Space party

            (Spot from: Escape radio show)
Die Kosmonauten – Das kosmodrom
Nazis From Mars – Cosmic break up
Lost Sounds – Saturn stomp
Digital Leather – Black flowers from the future

             (“D’Lana is.. was…” from: “The Sore Losers original soundtrack”)
Guitar Wolf – Cosmic space girl
The Dwarves – Astroboy
The Misfits – I turned into a martian
The Meteors – Teenagers from outer space

            (Trailer: “It came from outer space”)
Black Time – Lunar Rhythm
The beguiled - Orbitronic injun
Mojo Men From Mars -Mojo Men From Mars
Man Or Astro-man - Escape velocity

          (Spot from: X-Minus One radio show)
Masonics – March of the space goblins
The Hangee V – Space rats
Sir Finks – War of the satellites
Space Cossacks - Journey to the stars
Destroy All Monsters – Cosmo beat


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