Kicks from the boot #38 - Italians Do It Worse Vol.2

New episode dedicated for the second time to the Italian

underground garage punk rock scene, featuring The Rippers,
Funny Dunny, Idol Lips, Wildmen and many others!!
..and if you missed the first episode, check it out here

FUNNY DUNNY – White powder dream

WILDMEN – I spit on your graves
The RIPPERS – I’m going out of control

The BIDONS – Be a caveman
The BARBACANS – 10 000 promises
Thee CATACOMBS – She doesn’t know

(AllMyFriendzAre)DEAD – Goodbye Cleaver
DRIFTING MINES – I wanna ride you
I FENOMENI – Qualcuno

BARSEXUALS – The time is gonna come
SDH – Heartleft condolence

Thee OOPS! – Happy Charlie
IDOL LIPS – Don’t want you around
FEMALE TROUBLES – Big Mac, big you

Thee BOMB’O’ NYRICS – She was puking (acoustic)

Kicks from the boot #37 - They came from planet fuzz!

 If you've always thought They were just a figment of

the imagination... well, they're back to piss on your face.
Just don't let them control your mind 'cause..
They came from planet fuzz!

The Ghastly Ones - Attack of robot atomic's - My boyfriend from outer space     

        (Trailer: “Astro Zombies”)

Blackbirds – Space

The Mutants - Alien skies
Bradipos IV – Prisoner in orbit
The Chantays – Space probe

         (Spot from: Dimension X radio show)

Legendary Stardust Cowboy -I Took A Trip (On A Space Shuttle)

Sonny Day – Creature from outer space
Sonny Russell – 50 Megatons
The Cramps – Weekend on Mars

          (Trailer: “Humanoids from the deep”)

King Khan & the Shrines – Cosmic serenade

Sky Saxon & the Seeds – Violet ray
Fungi Girls – Marv alien
The Astronettes – Space party

            (Spot from: Escape radio show)

Die Kosmonauten – Das kosmodrom

Nazis From Mars – Cosmic break up
Lost Sounds – Saturn stomp
Digital Leather – Black flowers from the future

             (“D’Lana is.. was…” from: “The Sore Losers original soundtrack”)

Guitar Wolf – Cosmic space girl

The Dwarves – Astroboy
The Misfits – I turned into a martian
The Meteors – Teenagers from outer space

            (Trailer: “It came from outer space”)

Black Time – Lunar Rhythm

The beguiled - Orbitronic injun
Mojo Men From Mars -Mojo Men From Mars
Man Or Astro-man - Escape velocity

          (Spot from: X-Minus One radio show)

Masonics – March of the space goblins

The Hangee V – Space rats
Sir Finks – War of the satellites
Space Cossacks - Journey to the stars
Destroy All Monsters – Cosmo beat